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Since , over , Rohingya Muslims have been expelled from Myanmar, in a murderous campaign that some United Nations officials say may constitute genocide. The pogroms by the Myanmar military were aided by mobs of ethnic Rakhine Buddhists. This year, a long-simmering ethnic Rakhine insurgency exploded as well, complicating the security landscape in an already wounded region. The Arakan Army, an ethnic Rakhine armed group that claims 7, soldiers, has launched fatal raids on Myanmar soldiers.

The response by the Myanmar military has been fierce, human rights groups say: massacred children, arbitrary detentions and the destruction of Rakhine historical monuments.

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More than 35, ethnic Rakhine have fled the fighting, according to the United Nations. Yanghee Lee, the United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, said that the internet suspension could be designed to cloak abuses by the military, known as the Tatmadaw.

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Lee said. A decade ago, when the country was still fully controlled by a military junta, few people had internet access, particularly in remote regions like Rakhine. But as the military began transferring some power to a civilian government led by Ms. Then testing it in animals. Oh, and creating something a bit larger than their initial rabbit-sized heart.

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And then? Who knows? Studies have shown that, in adults anyway, self-regulation can be circumvented by something known as the portion-size effect, which is the tendency to eat more when larger portions are served. Researchers provided a group of 3- to 5-year-old children with all their meals and snacks for two 5-day periods.

Could this be the end of self-regulation? Maybe it would work if you gave the little tykes something besides food. I feel it creeping up, when my joints are stiff in the morning and I spot another new wrinkle in the mirror.

At the retirement Christmas market, I had the opportunity to see old age up close, and as people say — old age is not for sissies …. It is entirely un-glamorous, and surprisingly we are all headed there whether we like it or not. Living in a world that worships the young and beautiful, old age is a very real and unavoidable destination.

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The idea horrifies me — rows and rows of small identical houses. No pets and no personality allowed. Bingo, bridge and canasta… save me now. But perhaps I will only really appreciate this style of living when I have run out of options.

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When my kids have evicted me from an imagined cottage at the bottom of the garden, or when my neighbours complain about my nude moon bathing. Perhaps these residents consider it the hip thing to do — like staying in a commune for geriatrics. I noticed that the bar was well attended. Now instead of wandering around in a haze of drugs — the oldies play dodgeball with dementia. I noticed that selling to the elderly is a whole new challenge. They are polite and to my surprise, despite their advanced years, they are a chipper lot.

Perhaps the Christmas market was the social highlight of the week. Maybe it was the flow of sherry and the nostalgic Christmas carols.

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The stalls at the market were filled with an overflow of kitsch hand-made items ranging from woollen toy animals to baby jackets — all painfully knitted and created with arthritic hands. There were also lots of frilly coat hangers and crocheted angels for adorning Christmas trees.

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So many hand-made items that are sadly no longer fashionable. A stunning toy wooden rifle made and crafted by an elderly gent was beautiful. Their parents decry violence and refuse to buy toy guns, and in the next breath buy their kids the latest TV game involving shooting, rape and pillage.