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Enfin les dimanches et jours ouvriers se terminent, avant que de se coucher, par une priere publique qui se fait tout haut dans chaque cabane. On y ajoute ordinairement, aussi bien que dans la chapelle, quelques cantiques spirituels, avec - 74] RELA TION OF - 7s 79 As all this was done publicly, it soon became known to all the nations who resort from all direc tions to this quarter, to such an extent that no Savage comes to live here, even temporarily for two or three months, without binding himself to observe the laws governing the new village.

This solid foundation being thus laid, but little trouble was experienced in introducing among the new-comers the practice of virtue and fervent devo tion, which are the usual appanage of all nascent Churches. It is a very rare thing for a Savage of this Mission not to assist at mass on all the working- days, and at the public prayers in the evening. Many even hear the two masses that are said in it; and, if any one is prevented by any reasonable obstacle from assisting at them, he comes, as soon as the obstacle is removed, to say his prayers before the Blessed Sacrament.

Moreover, should he fail to do so, he confesses it as a great sin, on the very next Sunday ; for the most fervent are in the habit of going to confession every Sunday, while the less fervent do so every month. Communions are regulated by the missionary, according to each one s piety. On Sunday, in addition to the ordinary mass, they all assist at the high mass said for the French, and at the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, which occurs after vespers. Such is their devotion for the Sacrament that very few pass the chapel with out entering to adore it and recite some prayers.

Finally, both Sundays and working-days are con cluded, before the Savages retire to bed, with public prayers, which are said aloud in each cabin. L hospitalite est une vertu morale, qui est fort commune parmi les Sauvages infideles de ces contre"es ; mais, quand cette vertu est accompagnee de la grace, elle produit des effets admirables. Les Sauvages de la Prairie avaient des provisions de b! Ils ont meme ajoute", que si 1 on faisait quelque present aux anciens d Agnie", il etait vraisemblable que toute la nation viendrait se ranger ici sous les lois de 1 Evangile.

C est une chose fort rare chez les Sauvages de contredire ceux qui leur parlent; et, quand on les instruit, ils approuvent tout. Cela donne beaucoup de peine aux missionnaires pour distinguer ceux qui veulent croire sincerement.

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Les naturels de ce pays ont ordinairement beaucoup de respect humain, et n oseraient faire profession publique de la reli gion quand ils sont avec les infideles. Mais les Sauvages de la Prairie ont surmonte cet obstacle des les commencements. Ils font gloire d etre Chretiens, et en font profession si publique, que personne n ose venir demeurer parmi eux s il n est re"solu tout de bon a embrasser la Foi, persuade qu on Ten chas- serait bientot s il n etait tout a fait dispose a vivre - 74] RELA TION OF 81 who hear them say that they have never heard anything like it in Europe.

Hospitality is a moral virtue very common among the infidel Savages of this country; but when this virtue is accompanied by grace, it produces admirable results. The Savages of la Prairie had a provision of corn for two years ; but, as over eight hundred of their countrymen have come at various times to sojourn among them, all has been consumed in giving the strangers a warm reception.

Seizing the oppor tunity thereby afforded for instructing them in the truths of our Faith, they touched the hearts of many, who have settled here permanently. Others said, on going away, that they would return the following year to share their abode and their peace. They even added that, if a present were given to the elders of Agnie", it was quite probable that the whole nation would come here to range itself under the laws of the Gospel.

The Savages very seldom contradict those who speak to them; and, when they are taught, they approve everything. This gives the missionaries much trouble in distinguishing those who sincerely believe. The natives of this country usually have much human respect, and would not dare to profess religion publicly when with infidels.

But the Sav ages of la Prairie overcame this obstacle at the very outset. They glory in being Christians, and make so public a profession of it that no one ventures to come and dwell among them unless he is fully resolved to embrace the Faith ; for he is convinced that he would soon be driven away if he were not fully inclined to live as a good Christian.

Ce qui fait dire aux impudiques et aux ivrognes: Je ne vais pas a la Prairie, puisqu il n y a ni femmes ni boissons. L eau-de-vie a ruine les missions algonquines. Elle empeche encore maintenant que beaucoup de Sauvages ne se convertissent. L avarice insatiable des Fran9ais en est la cause.

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Us vont jusqu k deux cents et trois cents lieues chercher les Sauvages dans les bois, pour avoir leurs pelleteries en les enivrant. Cependant, quoique cette petite mission soit au mi lieu des Francais, qui font ce detestable commerce, pas un, par la grace de Dieu, n a encore eu la pensee d en apporter ici, ni les Sauvages d en aller chercher, bien que ceux-ci aient e"te presque tous adonnes a 1 ivrognerie avant leur bapteme.

Je regarde cette conduite des uns et des autres comme un miracle de la Providence. Je crois qu il y a un ange tutelaire de ce bourg qui ecarte toutes ces occasions, et que s il venait a le quitter et la boisson a y entrer, il n y aurait plus de Christianisme. L hiver passe tous allerent k la chasse en cinq ou six bandes. Chacune avait son dogique ; et, pendant ce voyage de trois ou quatre mois, ils firent regle- ment de toutes leurs devotions accoutume es, sans y manquer un seul jour, comme s ils eussent e"te dans le bourg, assiste" de leur pasteur ; et ils vecurent avec tant d innocence, qu on avait peine a y trouver ma- tiere de confession a leur retour.

Ces Sauvages, en verite", se leveront contre nous au jour du jugement.

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Un seul cate"chumene, avec sa femme tres-bonne chr6tienne, fit sa chasse a quartier. II rencontra deux des plus considerables de la nation d Agnie", et se joignirent ensemble pour faire leur chasse. The insatiable avarice of the French is the cause of it. They go as far as two and three hundred leagues to seek the Savages in the woods, for the purpose of getting their furs by making them intoxicated. Nevertheless, although this little mission is in the midst of the French who carry on that detestable traffic, not one, through God s grace, has as yet thought of bringing any here ; nor have the Savages thought of going for any, although the latter were nearly all addicted to drunkenness before their baptism.

I consider this conduct on the part of both as a miracle of Providence. I believe that there is a guardian angel of this village, who wards off all such occasions for sin ; and that, if he were to leave it, and liquor were to come in, there would be no more Christianity in it. Last winter, all went out, in five or six bands, to hunt. Each band had its leader, and during that journey of three or four months they regularly per formed all their usual devotions, without missing a single day, as if they had been in the village and assisted by their pastor.

They lived in such inno cence that it was difficult to find in them, on their return, matter for confession. In truth, these Sav ages will rise up against us on the day of judgment. A catechumen was engaged in hunting alone with his wife, a very good Christian. He met two of the principal men of the Agnie nation, and they joined together for the hunt. The catechumen informs them of all that goes on at la Prairie. Us e"coutent, et priant Dieu tons les jours ensemble, il leur apprend parfaitement les prieres.

Bloc-notes : comment réformer la démocratie française - Liberté d'expression

Le printemps venu, ils se rendent ici, afin, disent ils, d y demeurer avec nous et d y vivre en chre"tiens. Avant de s e"tablir pour toujours, ils allerent en leur pays pour y chercher leurs femmes, et ils publierent hautement leur dessein. Quarante-deux personnes, touche"es de Dieu, se joignirent a eux. Mais ceux-la n ont pas fait reflexion que Dieu est mort pour le barbare aussi bien que pour le juif, et que son esprit souffle oh il veut.

Les bons arbres portent les bons fruits, et Ton juge dans 1 occasion de la vertu d un homme. Ce qui a e"te dit et ce qu on va dire suffit pour montrer que non-seulement il y a de vrais Chretiens parmi ces peuples sauvages, mais meme qu il y en a un plus grand nombre a proportion que dans notre Europe civilise e.

Much more than documents.

Un vieillard ayant demande", 1 automne passe, de demeurer ici avec sa famille assez nom- breuse, cette grace lui fut accorde"e. Peu de temps apres, il fait un festin ou les habitants du bourg se trouvant r6unis, il declare qu il est malade, et que, pour guerir, il lui faut accomplir un songe. When spring returns, they come here in order, they say, to remain with us and to live as Christians. Before settling permanently, they went to their own country for their wives, and loudly proclaimed their design. Forty- two persons, all influenced by God, joined them.

When all arrived here, they gave a present to declare that they abandoned their relatives, friends, cabins, and fields, to enjoy greater facilities for becoming good Christians. In truth, we have never seen souls better disposed. The name " Savage " gives rise to so very dispar aging an idea of those who bear it, that many people in Europe have thought that it is impossible to make true Christians of them.

But such persons do not reflect that God died for the barbarian as well as for the Jew, and that his spirit breathes where it wills. Good trees bear good fruits, and a man s virtue is judged when occasion offers. What has been and what will be said suffices to show that not only are there true Christians among these savage peoples, but also that there are many more in proportion than in our civilized Europe.

Last autumn, an old man asked to be allowed to live here with his rather numerous family, and this favor was granted him. Shortly afterward, he gives a feast; and, the inhab itants of the village being present thereat, he declares that he is ill, and that he must fulfill a dream in order to be cured. The leader of our Christians rises at once, and says aloud, in the name of the assembly: No, that shall not be done, for it would be a sin. We will eat what thou hast prepared for us but only after having prayed to God.

This was done. Ce qui se fit ainsi. Puis on lui ajouta: N y retourne plus, car on te chasserait. On fut oblige, au bout de deux mois, d en venir la, parce qu on ne put bien con- naitre s il 6tait chretien ou non. Tout le monde en est indigne". Le missionnaire se transporte k la cabane, met bas la chaudiere, et les Chretiens jettent la viande aux chiens. L infidele fut pique", dit que le songe e"tait son dieu, et qu il n appre"hendait pas de mourir, ni lui ni les siens, en choquant le Dieu du ciel. Le missionnaire lui repliqua que, peut-tre dans peu de temps, il e"prouverait les effets de la juste colere de ce Dieu tout-puissant.

Ces menaces ne tarderent pas a s accomplir, car au bout de trois mois, les trois enfants de ce Sauvage, qui se por- taient tres-bien pour lors, lui furent tous enleve"s par la mort. Get exemple de la justice Divine a puis- samment confirme" nos chr6tiens dans la Foi, et inspire de la terreur aux infideles. II est rare de voir un homme ve"ritablement d6vot sans etre vrai serviteur de Notre- Dame. Another infidel who came to visit us had no sooner arrived than he began a feast by sacrificing meats to the demon. All the people were indignant. The missionary proceeded to the cabin, and took down the kettle, and the Christians threw the meat to the dogs.

The infidel was displeased; he said that dreams were his god, and he feared death neither for himself nor for his family through offending the God of heaven. The missionary retorted that per haps he would soon feel the effects of the just anger of that all-powerful God. These threats were accom plished before long ; for, at the end of three months, that Savage s three children, who were then in very good health, were all taken from him by death. This example of Divine justice has strongly con firmed our Christians in the Faith, and has inspired the infidels with terror.

It is rare to see a really devout man who is not a true servant of Our Lady.