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All the action happens at a hotel and on their beach.

She came there by air before the books starts and leaves by air as well the book ends with her saying goodbye at the airstrip. She writes the Sydney March Mystery Series, which features a travel agent. Moore has a lot of first-hand experience in the travel agency field, including guiding tour excursions, and going on many, many cruises.

She Didn't Smile

Those people sure have had a rough time weather wise for the last several months. Maybe She wants to remind us that we are at her mercy at all times. Linda, as nice as being on a cruise in lieu of hunkering down for a blizzard, I would probably find myself worrying about my house the entire time I was out at sea.

She sure is in charge! This sure was a very timely topic what with those people being stranded on that cruise ship last week. Reminds me sort of when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and all those people were left stranded in the Super Dome for so long. Linda C, or how about how when Hurricane Katrina hit and all of those school buses were just parked in their lots? Another book that takes place on a cruise ship is J. My husband and I enjoyed the audio version of this story where, J.

Beaumont accompanies his grandmother and her new husband on their honeymoon cruise to Alaska. While on a cruise recently I checked a book out of the library about some people connected with an art gallery all being invited on a Caribbean cruise. People disappear. Can anyone help me with this? This might just be the mystery book you are looking for.

Love and Murder on the Queen Anne by Chris Varga

Hurst could this be it? Our story begins with the theft of three famous paintings from the Louvre Museum in Paris. They befriend a young couple, the Adams, who soon disappear from the ship and are assumed dead. Later developments back in Houston link this mystery with the theft of the three paintings. Working with the FBI, they eventually apprehend the killer and recover the paintings. Love your site!

GTA 5 - Murder Mystery Easter Egg Tutorial - Michael's Murder Mystery Solved! (GTA V PS4)

Also, my first two in the Darcy Farthing adventures. Mystery, murder, much more and exotic travel around Cape Horn on a cruise ship. Currents Deep and Deadly and Currents of Vengeance. Death takes Passage by Sue Henry For the Centennial voyage of the Yukon Klondikers who went from Skagway Alaska to Seattle with their gold a modern day small ship reenacts the trip and murder occurs along the way.

June, thanks for telling us about your Deadly Reunion. There are two cruise ships, though it discourages most from taking a cruise again. It turns out she is not the first one on this ship!!! In this book Gladdy and her friends win a free cruise and find themselves hunting for a murderer on the ship. Rita Lakin is a favorite author of mine, so shame on me for not remembering to add it to this list! Thank you! A lot of behind-the-scenes cruise ship stuff. This is the second book in the Morgan Taylor series and is a funny quick read.

Mauretania, sailing from London Southampton to New York in Danna, Hope Callaghan has a whole series with the cruise ship series that I did not see on your list of cozy cruise ship mysteries. Thanksgiving Poems for the Very Young by Carlstrom, illus. Fun with Math and Travel by Amy Axelrod, illus. A man tricks and traps a fox, which uses his ingenuity and perseverance to escape. This tale based on Greek folklore follows Fatima's journey from Morocco to China. Do Lions Live on Lily Pads? Though thunderstorms may be scary, they are lovely to behold. A shy girl comes into her own through her love of knitting.

A hungry moth eats the ingredients for her birthday dinner before her friends arrive for the celebration. What happens when a boy becomes part of a museum exhibit? An Egyptian girl values her own family over the Pharaoh's promises of wealth. Bats make a nighttime trip to the beach. A dog and cat are alone in the park when a sunny day suddenly becomes stormy.

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After catching polio in , a boy reinvents himself as The Wonder Kid in his comic strips. One summer, a teenager who's an expert in football and cows learns about love and life. This novel with supernatural elements is set in the s. A girl copes with her family's breakdown after her sister's suicide. How will barnyard pals get to town when Chuck's truck breaks down? A small dog makes a big difference in the life of an artist.

This story of a king was inspired by the classic rhyme. Casey takes up the family hobby of stock-car racing. This fantasy tells of a lonely woman, an angry boy and a caring creature they will never see. Little Owl wants to be strong, smart, brave and fearsome-but not cute. A young sumo wrestler comes to a girl's rescue.

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This retelling is illustrated with photos of Child's characters. When she falls in love, a girl whose older sisters have had arranged marriages realizes she must strike a balance between independence and duty. What happens when an elite spy in-training falls in love with an ordinary boy? An Ohio boy discovers he belongs to an underground society of magical people. A teen who is one of the powerful, immortal students at her school grapples with her heritage and destiny. The father of a conservative high-school leader becomes the lead singer of a punk rock band. This graphic novel introduces a biker hero who sets out to avenge her cousin's death.

Cartoons chronicle Willems's post-college backpacking trip through more than 30 countries. Graphic Novels adds Legends Revealed ; and W. Set on a 19th-century whaling ship, this is a story of brains versus brawn. A big, strong man isn't afraid of anything-until he spends the night in a deserted mansion. Things start to unravel for Craig after he gains admission to a prestigious Manhattan school.

Baby Bunny sets out to discover the answer to this question. This book shaped to resemble Moses's tablets explains the origin of the Ten Commandments. Board books packaged with an interactive DVD. A girl learns about her great-grandmother's life. Readers follow the intermingled paths of a fairytale maze.

Duck and friends play baseball. This story set in Morocco celebrates colors. A pill bug encourages children to explore nature in their backyards. Could a Tyrannosaurus Play Table Tennis?