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Look Inside. Jan 06, ISBN Mar 04, ISBN London, Elderly Mrs. Bentley is on her deathbed, and her son Robert has returned from France. Robert is quickly developing a reputation in anthropometry, the nascent science of identifying criminals by body measurements. Yet soon he is caught up in the deceptions swirling around him, for no one under his roof is quite what they seem. When an intruder enters the house and ransacks the study, a chain of events is set in motion that threatens not only the genteel, comfortable life the Bentleys have managed to secure but also their very survival. The clash between the classes makes for a suspenseful novel of mistaken identities, intriguing women, and dangerous deceptions.

She has a doctorate in literature from the University of Minnesota. Victorian England comes to life in rich and minutely imagined detail. Brightwell captures the fraught interdependence of mistress and maid, blackmailer and victim, and winds the tension to devastating effect. An arresting debut. Add to that a dollop of 19th century science and social history, and Ms.

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Brightwell has fashioned a surprising and nuanced story sure to keep fans of well-wrought fiction turning the pages. Paperback —. Add to Cart. About The Dark Lantern London, Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen. Dexter Palmer. Antonio Garrido. Gustavo Vazquez. Robert Hillman.

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Jordi Soler. The Innocents. The Lantern Bearers. Lantern Road 8.

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The Magic Jack-O-Lantern. Recommend Documents. Matacek strove to keep his legs moving rhythmically in time The Dark Lantern This book has been optimized for viewing at a monitor setting of x pixels.

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The Dark Lantern by Gerri Brightwell

Past the thrift-shop racks of musty shirts and jeans, beyond a junkyard of orphaned kitchen utensils, I was prowling the few shelves of books, hoping for treasure at a dollar a book. It was the day before Halloween at the Nashville Goodwill store. Nearby, two college-age women who looked as if they had been born in expensive clothing were chuckling over the hobo garb they might snag for a Vanderbilt costume party.

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Distantly enjoying their clueless but not cruel banter, I was scanning the bookshelves, left to right, top to bottom, when I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck. A ghost was nearby—myself as a young boy. What my eyes noticed and my instinct recognized before alerting my conscious mind was a fat textbook whose nerdy bulk shouldered aside jacketless volumes gold-stamped Danielle Steele and Dean Koontz.

What I saw was not a dusty old book but a teenage boy in a wheelchair by a window in a ramshackle house farther east in Tennessee—two hours away, on the Cumberland Plateau near Crossville. I was born in this house in , grew up in it, learned to read in it, learned about animals from it. The window showed a rocky backyard garden. On a small hill beyond, oak-and-hickory woodland crowded the mown grass.

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The room held a small bed, bookcases, and a lamp on a rickety table absurdly made from the leaf of a Formica kitchen table. Late afternoon, with an autumn sunset gilding even the cheap, mismatched bookshelves. That boy in memory was reading the same middle-school-level literature book I had just found on the Goodwill shelves— Outlooks through Literature , whose spine bore the names Pooley, Stuart, White, and Cline. On its cover was an ugly sepia photograph of men and women silhouetted within the arches of what appeared to be a two-story bridge.

Seated in a wheelchair at fourteen, standing in a thrift store at thirty-five, I turned familiar-feeling pages to a Contents list whose items inspired affection that ran like a herald before a montage of memories:. It was also the beginning of my own fascination with Victorian fiction. I think this was my first encounter with Sherlock Holmes as a character in a book rather than as distilled mannerisms in a TV movie.