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Voyage Into the Wind : William L Osborne :

It was at that point that she started to question why, in a field of 23 boats and sailors, only four crew members were female. What Maiden really did was it allowed people to dare to dream. Edwards then announced her intentions to enter a team of female yachtswomen into the next edition of the round-the-world event, but with no shortage of disbelievers and external financial support not forthcoming, her vision was in danger of crashing into the shore before having a chance to reach its peak.

He was so ahead of his time in that sense and such an extraordinary man. The rest, as they say, is history. On reflection, it was that crucial financial support which enabled Edwards and her teammates to record what was not only a sporting success, but a victory for aspiring female athletes everywhere. Now, just like her father did, she has facilitated the refurbishment of Maiden so that it can be restored to its iconic status and continue to spread the same ethos it stood for three decades ago.

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It is even the same melody for all, and starting from the same note. But each line moves — again — at its own tempo: all movements are doubled, halved, quadrupled etc. This makes the music even more open to listening than the harmonic spectra of the first movement, and thus here too — in fact to an even greater degree — the listeners can follow one or the other strand, a pair, or conceive the whole picture as a constantly turning kaleidoscope. See full list. View past performances.

Whaling Through Wind and Weather

Worldwide Sales. At night we steer by Jupiter and Saturn rising ahead, bright as tiny moons, and Scorpio behind us, her deadly sting high in the sky. Within the dark stain of night, in light winds, we sail with painful deliberation - perhaps a mile and a half every hour - toward Rapa Nui. For the next five days the wind flukes around, forcing us into a weaving dance.


When it shifts southeast, we respond by moving north, away from our target; when it swings northeast, we slant south again. Squalls descend, bathing us in cold rains and pushing the wind up to twenty-five knots.

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Nainoa forms a plan: We will sail southeast to the latitude of Rapa Nui and then begin tacking northeast in a search pattern intended to keep the island within the enclosing triangles of our motion until we find it. On the evening of October 7, he figures we are at Rapa Nui's latitude and about miles west of it. He wants to sail further southeast, then tack northeast, beginning our search. But the wind curves north, stymieing us. Conferring with the other navigators, Nainoa decides to gamble. We will abandon the careful search pattern and sail due east - directly toward where he thinks the island should be.

But for two days we have had no star sights because of the overcast sky, and our position is known only by dead reckoning. What if we have misjudged our latitude? What if we sail past the island? It's scary, but it's exciting. If our dead reckoning is good, and I think it is, we should take the chance. Near dawn on October 8, Nainoa stations Micronesian crew member Max Yarawamai - whose ability to see islands at a great distance is legendary - at the bow.

Ahead, the horizon is totally obscured by clouds, except for two slim holes.

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Max probes the one to starboard - nothing. Then he focuses on the one to port and sees a hardness there, a flat surface that does not change. Nainoa sees the flat shape too, but it looks like nothing he remembers from his previous trips to Rapa Nui. Finally, I realized that we were seeing just a tiny part of it - the flat place near Rapa Nui's southern caldera, Rano Kau.

Nainoa climbs the mast and stays there for a long time. When he comes down, tears streak his face. After breakfast, he calls us to a meeting. We stand in a silent circle, listening to his words.

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We have traveled to the last corner of the Polynesian Triangle, and that achievement is not just ours - it belongs to everyone who has put their heart and soul into this canoe over the last twenty-five years. Hokule'a has latent, sleeping mana when she is tied up to the pier in Honolulu. But when the canoe is sailed by people with deep values and serious intent, the mana comes alive - she takes us to our destination.

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When it becomes obvious that we do not have enough time to reach the anchorage at the main village of Hanga Roa before nightfall, we are relieved - happy to have one more evening at sea. The wind is warm and gentle. The sky, having cleared by mid-day, remains clear into the night. We sail along the coast of Rapa Nui, some distance away, until the ten p.

In the morning, we glide close ashore, watching wisps of cloud surge from Rano Kau. Ivory breakers rim the seam between cold black cliffs and the gray-blue ocean.

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From the harbor, boats come out to greet us. After only eighteen days, a fraction of the time we thought the passage might take, a voyaging canoe has once more arrived at the easternmost frontier of Polynesian civilization. We have traveled so fast, in fact, that we have arrived ten days before our own welcoming committee - a contingent of Hawaiian dancers and chanters who are scheduled to participate in a massive celebration.